Common challenges our clients face

Although our clients are diverse, they have many challenges in common.
Clients turn to us when they need to address:

Research challenges

Identifying insights
Profiling consumers and shoppers
Mapping emotions
Exploring new market space
Accelerating global research
Discovering shopper insights
Understand the purchasing journey

Planning challenges

Setting strategy
Developing positioning
Gaining a competitive edge
Jump-starting innovation
Aligning messaging
Defining opportunity spaces
Addressing M&A issues
Developing category growth ideas
Creating shopper marketing strategies

Execution challenges

Creating and revitalizing brands
Launching new products
Delivering the experience
Energizing and focusing teams
Engaging employees
Optimizing the sales force
Guiding strategic partners
Improving retail effectiveness

Evaluation challenges

Validating findings
Testing concepts
Clarifying audience segments


Inspiring the world's greatest brands.

Life is good

Life is good

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LA Lakers

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Turner Classic Movies






Classic books for inspired leaders looking for a view from the top.

Customers First by BJ BUENO of The Cult Branding Company

A powerful strategy for building your business around your best customers

The Power Of Cult Branding by BJ Bueno

The classic text on how leading brands cultivate undying loyalty

Why We Talk by BJ Bueno

How to capitalize on the most powerful marketing weapon: word of mouth

About Us

We created and defined the concept of a cult brand. Today our team continues to synthesize the best strategies from the world most influential organizations. From understanding how cults work to decoding why humans behave as they do, we have a track record of helping businesses build stronger relationships with their customers and within their company's culture.

Translating penetrating insights into effective strategies, our firm can help you grow market share by leaps and bounds.

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