Archetypal Discovery Research

Everyone knows that great brands have compelling stories, but you need to have the right archetypes driving your story in order to connect with your customers. Not every brand draws their power from the same archetypes. Using a multi-phased process, we uncover the archetypal images your customers subconsciously associate with your brand. Merging the right archetypes with an engaging brand story creates powerful marketing messages and attracts loyal customers to your business.

Customer Intelligence Playbook

What if you could peer inside your customer’s mind? Our Customer Intelligence Playbook is the most comprehensive strategy guide on the market, offering visionary leaders big ideas to move their businesses forward. Elegantly integrating big data research with consumer analysis, humanistic psychology, and marketing best-practices, the Playbook provides an actionable guide for attracting more loyal customers and maintaining an inspirational vision for the organization.

Cult Branding Process

Executives often have conflicting opinions on what direction to take their business. The Cult Branding Process puts the leadership team on the same strategic path by clearly defining the organization’s core values and an improved vision for the brand. Our proven customer-forward process provides the tools to ignite customer passion within the organization and create an enduring customer experiences that persuade customers to line up, devoted hearts in hand.

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Cause Marketing: Can A Feel-Good Strategy Make Good Sense?

The contemporary art world was buzzing about an announced collaboration between UBS Wealth Management and the Guggenheim Museum. It’s easy to see what the excitement was about, especially from a creative perspective. The five year initiative is going to chart creative activity and contemporary art from around the world. The Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art [...]

Why Customers Get Brand Tattoos

What drives a person to get a brand tattoo? A cynical executive might ask, Why would a person decide to permanently mark her body with the logo of a business who profits from her loyalty? If we don’t understand the power of the subconscious mind, this cynicism might be justified. But we know better. The [...]

5 Steps To Listening To Your Customers

We’ve always been fascinated by the phenomenon of popularity. What causes customers to flock to one brand while remaining coldly indifferent to another—even when the offerings of the companies in question are similar? Years of consumer research have revealed that the single most important factor that separated the good companies from the great companies—Adidas from [...]

Creating Cults

Cults are all around us. I’m not talking about destructive cults that damage people’s lives. I’m referring to benign, even life-supportive groups that give people more meaning. Raving-fan groups of Star Trek, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Buffett, Harry Potter, Oprah, American Girl, Jay-Z, Apple, Barbie, and Harley Davidson all qualify as benign cults. Some people might [...]

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Combining big data analysis with humanistic psychology, we utilize proprietary research methods to uncover the psychology and behaviors of your customers and to translate those insights into effective strategies for cultivating loyalty, increasing ROI, and accelerating top-line revenue growth. We work with private and public businesses, regional and international.


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