An Innovative Approach to Market Research

In our view, effective market research should lead to consumer insights. Our goal is to give you actionable strategies and ideas that are informed and validated by quantifiable and qualifiable research methods.

At the core of our approach to market research and big data analysis is your best customers. We call them Brand Lovers—those customers who are most engaged with your brand.

Using in-depth customer interviews and psychological assessments, we decode the underlying tensions and emotional triggers behind your customers’ choices. Addressing these tensions helps your organization focus on what drives long-term brand loyalty.

Gain Insights into the Minds of Your Customers

Our trademark qualitative and quantitative methods uncover the conscious and unconscious psychological motivators of your customers—how they think, feel, and relate to your brand. Through our methods, you get an intimate look at your customers and learn what’s meaningful to them and why they choose you over your competitors. Our attitudinal and behavioral studies reveal the tensions your brand solves in your customers lives, providing vital insights for all future marketing efforts.

Insight-Driven Market Research

Market research often provides the wrong answers to the right questions. Customers’ responses to marketing research are rationalizations, not actualities. Over 90% of behavior is unconscious and rarely reaches the level of awareness even when subjected to direct questioning—people simply cannot describe why they really do what they do. Our research methods go beyond your customers’ rational responses and digs into the unconscious motivators that influence their interactions with you.

Our unique approach to consumer research yields new ideas and actionable insights on how to sell more products to more customers and improve customer engagement.

Our Services Include:

  • In-Depth Customer Interviews
  • Psychological Assessments
  • In-Store Intercepts
  • Focus Groups

  • Data Modeling Analysis
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Archetypal Research
  • Market Segmentation

Actionable Consumer Insights Solve Common Business Problems

Our consumer insights help solve many problems for our clients:

  • Improve advertising effectiveness
  • Understand key consumer groups
  • Develop new products
  • Increase share of wallet

  • Improve package design
  • Enhance brand image and positioning
  • Understand how customers use products
  • Improve brick and mortar / online store design

If you have a business problem you'd like to discuss with us, please drop us a line.

Past Clients Include:

Past Clients of The Cult Branding Company

About Us

The Cult Branding Company is a small specialized team of retail consultants that use research-based methods to deliver consumer insights and marketing strategies to major retailers that contribute to measurable growth in market share and profitability. We’re experts in building brand loyalty and long-term brand development. We utilize proprietary research methods to uncover the psychology and behaviors of retail customers and to translate those insights into effective marketing strategies for cultivating loyalty, increasing ROI, and accelerating retail sales. We work with private and public brands, regional and international.