Creating loyalty shouldn’t feel like a constant struggle. We coach your organization to make transforming customers and employees into passionate fans feel like second nature.

Gain Clarity

Build Loyalty

Cultivate Passion

Do you struggle with…


  • …Building customer loyalty?

  • …Creating a unique space in the marketplace?

  • …Having customers choose you over your competition?


  • …Team cohesion?

  • …Living your core values (or developing them in the first place)?

  • …High employee turnover?


  • …A motivating vision of the future?

  • …Developing strategies to achieve your vision?

  • …Inspiring your team?
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We coach your organization to develop the skills and tools
to make building passion and loyalty second nature

Become a customer loyalty maven

Most marketers constantly chase the next sale with the same strategies everyone learns in business school. If you use the same strategies as everyone else, it becomes difficult—if not impossible—to develop a competitive advantage. We coach your organization to build a unique identity, cultivate diehard loyalty, and stop only worrying about the next sale.

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Transform culture into an advantage

Most organizations struggle with creating a passionate culture that cares about their greatest asset: their customers. We coach your organization to get your teams on the same page by turning Core Values into daily actions and getting your employees to care about your customers and your organization as much as you do.

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Become an inspirational leader

Without a purposeful vision of the future, you can’t inspire your organization. But, leadership isn’t just about having a vision: you need to cultivate the skills and develop the strategies to get there. We coach your leadership to develop a shared vision driven by a passionate purpose, build a roadmap to get you there, and develop the skills to navigate the challenges that inevitably arise.

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As a skilled and powerful communicator, BJ illuminated the secrets of branding and inspired our organization to build our magic brand.
David Copperfield

Become irreplaceable in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Create a passionate workplace where core values become everyday actions

Gain clarity and inspire your organization with a shared vision of the future

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Create Customers For Life

Learn how to create loyal customers with the same strategies used by Cult Brands.

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What makes us different

We believe that the best brands build clubhouses that give their fans a sense of belonging. Clubhouses can be real or virtual, mental or physical. There are as many types of clubhouses as there are brands: each is unique.

And, that’s why we don’t like to act like consultants, providing cookie-cutter approaches and just telling you what to do without really understanding your company.

Instead, we act like organizational coaches: we start with our framework to understand what makes your brand unique and then adapt our Cult Branding strategies—developed over nearly two decades in the trenches—to coach you to create diehard fans with a plan that is as unique as you are.

We coach you to make serving your customers and employees better than anyone else feel like second nature.

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We focus on three aspects of brand building: leadership, customers, and culture. All three are essential: leadership creates a vision that inspires employees whose behaviors—through direct interaction and marketing— translate your brand to your customers.

If anything is broken, what you want to say isn’t what your customers will hear. And, without cohesion, you can’t develop true loyalty.

Our organizational coaching processes have worked with everything from farmers to big-box retailers, day-trading software companies to sports teams, television stations to charities.

It works because we start with human nature instead of chasing sales.

And, it works because we keep our team small—there’s just three of us: BJ, Salim, and Aaron. So instead of having to deal with an account executive, you work directly with the three owners on all projects.

Why would we do this? Because we believe organizations can enrich people’s lives and we wouldn’t entrust that to anyone else.

We work with you to build a brand we both believe in.

Are you ready to create lasting loyalty?

Are you ready to beat the competition by being your best self? Are you ready to get your organization aligned to your vision? Are you ready to stop wondering what decision to make? Are you ready to stop wasting marketing dollars? Are you ready to lead a highly motivated team that cares as much as you do? Are you ready to transform your customers and employees into passionate fans?

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