Building customer loyalty shouldn’t feel like a constant struggle. We coach your organization to understand what motivates your best customers and translate it into building loyalty across all customer segments.

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Build Loyalty

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Do you struggle with…

  • …Building a loyal customer base?

  • …Feeling like you’re constantly chasing the next sale?

  • …Creating an offer so unique that you have no competition?

  • …Marketing that is not consistently effective?

  • …Driving repeat business?

  • …Translating customer data into results?

  • …Running a loyalty program because it seems like everybody else’s?

  • …Developing a consistent look, say, and feel for your brand?

Transform Customers Into Passionate Fans

Cult Branding WorkshopGet your team to understand the strategies that Cult Brands use to build loyalty and develop a plan to translate them to your business.

Cult Branding CoachingGet expert wisdom on all of your marketing plans and become a maven at building a loyal following for your business.

Cult Branding ResearchTake a deep dive into the psyche of your best customers—your Brand Lovers. Find out what motivates them to do business with you and how you can translate it across all customers segments.

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Create Customers For Life

Learn how to create loyal customers
with the same strategies used by Cult Brands.

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Build loyalty instead of chasing the next sale

Most organizations spend their time constantly focused on the competition and chasing the next sale.

But, great organizations focus on building brands that are irreplaceable in the hearts and minds of their customers.

Nobody does this better than Cult Brands.

Cult Brands understand what motivates their best customers, the tensions they solve in their customers' lives, what their customers want to see them do more of, and how to get new customers to believe in the brand as much as their best customers do.

And, nobody understands the strategies and tactics Cult Brands use to succeed better than we do. In fact, we wrote the book on it.

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In 2002, our founder BJ published The Power of Cult Branding, the first book to explore Cult Brands in-depth and uncover the strategies they use to create diehard fans. But, we didn’t stop there: over nearly two decades we’ve put the principles in action with brands across a wide range of industries.

We know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to building loyalty.

Just like all Cult Brands, we start with understanding what motivates your best customers—your Brand Lovers—to do business with you and use those insights to develop strategies to appeal to all customer segments.

Many organizations think they know what their best customers are like—and many do from a demographics perspective—but few organizations actually know what motivates their customers at a psychological level to do business with them.

And, many organizations have conflicting views of the customer across different departments: they lack a single, cohesive view of who their best customers are and what motivates them.

Without a cohesive view, it’s pretty hard—if not impossible—to develop lasting loyalty.

We coach your organization to unravel your own assumptions about your best customers, to come to a deeper understanding of what motivates your customers, and to develop strategies—based on Cult-Branding principles—to help you develop loyalty to your brand.

Are you ready to create lasting loyalty?

Are you ready to gain clarity about what marketing will and won’t resonate with your customers? Are you ready to stop wasting marketing dollars? Are you ready to stop chasing the next sale and focus on loyalty? Are you ready to apply the strategies used by cult brands to your business? Are you ready to have everyone in the organization understand what motivates your customers? Are you ready to turn customers into diehard fans?

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